Meet Aaron Sharp

Aaron Sharp

Director of Sales & Specification

Director of Sales & Specification at ARC Building Solutions, Aaron Sharp is responsible for driving growth throughout the UK. With a growing team to build, motivate and empower, Aaron takes a very hands-on approach but is also committed to driving fire protection standards throughout the built environment. Here he discusses his ambitions within the industry:

“As fire protection specialists we have a real responsibility to ensure that not only do our products meet and exceed performance standards, but that our customers are aware of the requirements their projects need to stand up to.

“A huge part of my role involves collaboration with contractors to ensure that their specification and technical plans are tight. I want to help to make sure the tragedies of the past are not repeated and that the required standards in all new build and renovation developments are met. I want to look back on my career and believe that I’ve helped to leave the industry in a better position than it was, making sure homes and other buildings are as safe and secure as they can be for occupants.”

Since joining ARC in 2019, Aaron’s work and determination has helped the business to grow exponentially. “I’m really proud of where ARC is today. Growing a business through a pandemic is no mean feat but our entire team really pulled together to ensure that we met our goals for expansion. ARC is an incredibly inclusive and supportive place to work and that in itself is really helping to drive our success.”

With this in mind, Aaron outlines ARC’s commercial intentions: “As market leader in the low-rise cavity protection market, one of our key objectives is to continue to be the go-to manufacturer for contractors. Our entire operation is based on giving our customers what they need – thorough technical advice, innovative and problem-solving products and an excellent service. We do this in abundance and the products and service we deliver speak for themselves; it’s up to my team to ensure that our exemplary reputation is well recognised further throughout the industry.

“Our sales team will play a huge part in this and my focus is to continue to empower them, encouraging them to understand how our products hold huge advantages over other solutions and fire protection methods that may already be widely used. At the end of the day, our business is here to help customers solve problems and find solutions that make homes and other buildings safe and a large part of getting that message across is down to our sales team on the ground.”