Meet Clair Richardson

Clair Richardson

Director of Operations & ESG

Having worked for ARC Building Solutions for over 12 years, Clair Richardson has seen the business develop from a small, family run entity into the thriving organisation it is today. As Director of Operations & ESG, Clair oversees a wide range of functions within the business, driving change and promoting progressive thinking to achieve ongoing excellence. Here Clair discusses her passion for the business and her aspirations for the future.

“I’m immensely proud of the work we do at ARC and to be part of such an innovative company.  I’ve been with the business since we were a team of just eight but from day one I could see that it was going places and would have a real impact on the industry. I love that the products we create are meaningful and play a key role in saving people’s lives; that in itself gives me a real sense of purpose and drives me to ensure that the business is continually improving and evolving.”

Alongside production planning, overseeing the production and maintenance teams, health and safety and quality, a key part of Clair’s role is committed to shaping ARC’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) approach, something she is incredibly passionate about.

“I’m passionate about ensuring that ARC is a responsible business and about taking steps and making changes that improve the way we operate. Sustainability is key and I want to ensure that the culture here at ARC is one where our environmental and social responsibilities are part and parcel of what we do naturally. I’m dedicated to ensuring our teams embrace our core values and the steps we take to reduce our impact.”

As a member of ARC’s Senior Management Team, Clair is a shining example of the opportunities there are for personal development within the business.

“I’ve always been supported to grow and develop my career here at ARC and I want to ensure that these same opportunities are available for the rest of the team. When I first joined the business, I held a book-keeping and payroll position. As the organisation grew I began to take on more and more responsibility, something which I have thrived upon. I’ve been responsible for HR, Health and Safety, implementing ISO and safety standards as well as working as finance manager. The team have really invested in me and my skills, supporting me to attend courses and train to expand my knowledge base which has enabled me to step into my role as Director of Operations & ESG. ARC truly is a business where hard work pays off and careers flourish.”