Meet George Danzey-Smith

George Danzey-Smith

Director of Commercial & Technical

Joining ARC Building Solutions the year the business was set up in 2008, George has been instrumental in shaping a business that is today, respected as one of the UK’s leading product manufacturers responsible for driving fire safety standards in buildings.  George initially joined the business to establish ARC’s IT infrastructure and over the last 14 years has built his reputation as a materials’ expert responsible for delivering ARC’s innovation strategy as well as leading many of ARC’s commercial functions including IT, research and development and marketing.

George expands on his career and what drives his passion for ARC Building Solutions: “Like any business ARC started small, with just half a dozen people, and I think even then we knew that we had the makings of a great business. I worked alongside the owners and Clair Richardson, who today runs our operations, and between us we steadily built the business, growing year-on-year, forming long-term trusted relationships with many of the UK’s housebuilders.  At the heart of the business was a strong ethos of ‘doing the right thing’, both from an innovation perspective, but also from the way we go about business.  As we’ve grown over the years, this purpose has remained central to our core ethos and now as we enter our 15th year in business, we have remained true to our original principals.”

Against the backdrop of operating in an industry with a robust regulatory framework, George’s successful and long-serving career at ARC makes him an expert commentator on the wider issues affecting the sector, he adds: “We operate in a dynamic industry where customers rely on us for the development of the most advanced materials available. But our capability goes way beyond product innovation, we are also acutely aware of the challenges and issues installers face on site.  So, our emphasis very much remains focused on the manufacture of products that far exceed mandatory standards, coupled with guidance and installation support that gives installers absolute peace of mind – that’s the ARC difference.”

Leading a first-class team across a number of business disciplines, George believes that the business is in a strong position to continue driving change across the industry, as he explains: “We have a strong track record of growing a talented team, we are more focused than ever before on building a business focused on education, training and opportunity. Not only is our manufacturing and commercial output first-class, but our business is leading the way at a time when the industry needs direction and solutions in equal measure.”