Meet Yann Bomken

Yann Bomken

Director of Strategy & Transformation

With more than 40 years in manufacturing and offsite construction, Director of Strategy and Transformation, Yann Bomken brings a wealth of industry and management experience to ARC. Having started on a consultancy basis in 2022, Yann joined the team full time in 2023, helping to deliver long-term objectives and establish clear strategic direction in today’s diverse marketplace. Yann tells us more about his career and some of his plans for the future at ARC:

“I’ve been fortunate over 40 years to have worked with some fantastic businesses across a range of sectors, honing my skills and experience which will enable me to support ARC to achieve its growth ambitions.
“In the short time I have worked with the business, I have been hugely impressed by the drive and ambition of every member of the team and am enjoying being a part of its expansion and transformation.
“Already, the progress ARC has made over the last 15 years is incredible, transitioning from a family lifestyle business into the prominent SME it is today. Indeed, even over the last year, whilst I’ve been involved, I have witnessed huge investment across the business. From increased automation to the implementation of new and improved management systems, it is clear to me this is a company committed to development and success. From the senior management team right down through all the business functions, there is a collective ambition to this business, led by the dynamism of everyone involved.”

Yann’s vast experience places him in a unique position of market understanding, he affirms that with strategy, anything is possible: “There is no doubt in an industry as dynamic as this, keeping pace can be a challenge. As a result, strong long-term strategic objectives are crucial. I aim to deliver this with clarity, ensuring the whole team understands exactly where ARC is going. Whether in the pursuit of new market opportunities, new product development, or in the establishing best practice, our aim is always to deliver the safest solutions and utmost added value to our customers. This will be my driving motivation.”