Promoting Building Safety Through Commercial Partnership

With heightened regulations relating to the fire safety of homes and buildings, supporting specification and ensuring accurate product information is easily accessible throughout the supply chain is one of our core intentions here at ARC.

With this in mind, we recognise the pivotal role our commercial partners play in helping us to provide this information and are actively focussed on collaboration to ensure our expertise extends into the broader marketplace.

Leading in its approach, materials distributor Minster is one such partner that has embraced its role in this area. Having extended its own fire protection division, increasing the range of products and solutions provided, the team has focussed on strengthening the knowledge and capabilities of its specialist sales and technical support teams, ensuring they can support customers on all projects as required.

Head of Sales and Specification at ARC, Aaron Sharp, expands: “We’ve worked with Minster for many years but over the last twelve months our collaboration has become more profound. Both of our organisations are committed to raising safety standards throughout the construction industry and we’ve actively joined forces to try to achieve this.

“Our products are manufactured with safety in mind. However, safety is not just about having good products; it’s about getting the right products into the hands of the right people. This is driven by specification. At every stage of the supply chain we recognise our responsibility extends beyond manufacturing. Our role is also about passing on our expertise, enabling our distribution partners to fully understand the product’s design intent. Only then can fire safety truly be delivered.”

Carrie Blackshaw, Fire Protection Sales Director at Minster continues “With the passing of the revised Building Safety Act and its Golden Thread requirement, we recognise the important role our business has to play in increasing fire safety standards throughout the construction industry. In addition to expanding our product range, we identified that all staff need to be well trained and have a strong understanding of the fire protection technology and solutions available today. As a result, we took the decision to implement internal ‘Tech Talk’ sessions. Specialist training sessions for our branch and sales teams designed to educate them on fire protection requirements, products and scenarios. ARC has supported us to deliver several of these sessions to our teams, helping to improve their knowledge and understanding.”

Aaron continued “We were thrilled when Carrie approached us to deliver training to the Minster team. The only way we will succeed in improving fire protection standards throughout the industry is through education and it is great that Minster recognises this too.

“Since the training sessions began, Minster has supported us with the delivery of several projects, and their resulting technical expertise has been refreshing. They have a very knowledgeable team and are great to work with; a sentiment that has also been echoed by contractors and installers that we work with.”

Carrie concludes by adding, “As a specialist distributor, we must be forward-thinking and dynamic; keeping up with all the latest industry developments and offering the best possible solutions to our customers. By addressing the need for improved fire protection knowledge throughout the industry this is precisely what we can offer.  The team at ARC has been a real support to us in helping to achieve this objective and we are looking forward to continuing to collaborate with them in the future.”

To contact ARC Building Solutions, please email sales@arcbuildingsolutions.co.uk or call 0113 252 9428.