Building Regulations For Fire Safety

Fire Safety Building Regulations In The UK & Ireland

Adhering to building regulations is a legal requirement in the UK and Ireland. Construction in the UK is governed by both the Building Act and the Building Safety Act, whereas the Republic of Ireland is overseen by the Building Control Act. Both sets of legislature are made up of various regulations. In the UK, the regulations differ from country to country.

Below you can find a list of fire safety regulations for the UK and Ireland.

a high-rise building with england written across the image demonstrating building fire regulations in england


Approved Document B

The Approved Document B is split into two sections. Volume 1 covers houses, known as dwellings. Volume 2 covers buildings other than dwellings.

a modern brown wooden building with scotland imposed across the front of the image demonstrating building fire regulations in scotland.


Technical Handbooks

The Technical Handbooks explain how to comply with the regulations laid out in the Building (Scotland) Regulations. It is also split into two sections.

the front of a modern brick house with wales written across the image. This is to represent building fire regulations in wales.


Approved Document B

As with England, Welsh fire safety regulations are laid out in the Approved Document B. It covers aspects such as limiting fire spread and means of escape.

Building fire regulations in northern ireland demonstrated by a residential house roof with northern ireland written across the image.

Northern Ireland

Technical Booklet E

The Technical Booklet E offers guidance on meeting The Building Regulations (Northern Ireland). It should be read in conjunction with the Amendments Booklet.

A large grey high rise building with republic of ireland written across the image. This is to represent building fire regulations in the republic of ireland.

Republic of Ireland

Technical Guidance Document B

Published in two sections, the first section covers all buildings other than dwelling houses. The second section covers dwelling houses.