Housebuilder & Contractor Cavity Barrier Competency Training

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Aim of this course:

To provide you with a practical understanding of the correct use and installation of cavity fire barriers.

The course focuses on ARC’s Party Wall Fire Stopping System specified by many housebuilders, although many of the principles can be applied elsewhere.

How to complete the course:

Go through the course content below. This course is made up of # Lessons to work through. Some of the lessons include multiple topics to work through. There is a short quiz to complete at the end to assess your knowledge, on successful completion of the quiz you will receive a certificate.
This course should take you ##-## minutes to complete.

  • To begin, click on the first topic “Course Introduction”.
  • Once you have read the content, click on the “Mark Complete” button – this will take you to the next topic.
  • Some topics include videos to watch, click the play button to watch the videos.
  • Some topics include sub-lessons to view – click on the lesson name to view its content. Once you have read/watched the content, click “Mark Complete” to view the next topic or lesson.
  • When you have completed all of the topics and lessons you will be directed to take the quiz, do this by clicking the “Start Quiz” button.
  • The question will be displayed at the top of the page. The answers are multiple choice with only one answer being correct. Click on the answer you think is correct,