Introducing the Innovative ARC Product Labelling System

Introducing the Innovative ARC Product Labelling System

13th July 2022

With traceability and accountability central to the Government’s new Building Safety Bill, ARC Building Solutions has introduced an innovative new labelling system for its cavity barrier products.

Quick Response Codes on ARC Products

QR codes are now printed directly onto three of ARC’s barrier products to support installation on-site. ARC Cavity Stop Sock, ARC TCB, and the new ARC Open State Cavity Barrier have the QR code included on their polythene sleeves. ARC is the first manufacturer in the low-rise cavity barrier market to introduce this system.

Well-specified fire-stopping solutions play a vital role in the containment of a fire but must be installed correctly in order for them to perform in the intended way.

By embracing new technology and printing QR codes onto the products, ARC has been able to support customers to access easy-to-follow tutorials on the correct handling and installation of the cavity barrier whilst on site.

In-line Printing of Key Product Information

Traceability and the ‘Golden Thread’ of information is another new issue that customers face.  Traditionally, product information such as the product code and size are printed onto secondary packaging which can get thrown away at the early stages of a project, meaning vital information is lost. Customers raised their concerns around this which prompted ARC to find a way of printing information onto the barrier itself, meaning that even when removed from its packaging or installed, it is easily identifiable.

The new Open State Cavity Barrier is the first product from ARC to include key product information directly on the product. The barriers are colour coded with tape, which includes the product code, fire performance, and maximum air gap of the barrier. There are also markings to indicate the correct way up to install the product.

ARC aims to roll out innovative labelling and product installation videos for the whole range of products.