ARC Sees Sustainable Insulation Gain National Recognition

ARC Sees Sustainable Insulation Gain National Recognition

22nd June 2022

ARC Building Solutions has been officially recognised by NHBC Accepts for our Eaves Insulator product. The NHBC are a leading warranty and insurance provider for new homes in the UK.

The innovative Eaves Insulator, which meets BREAM sustainable standards, ensures that the junction detail between a wall plate and ceiling is fully insulated reducing heat loss by at least 30%.

Having already received numerous awards for its innovative design the latest recognition means that the product has met rigorous standards set by the National House Building Council which aims to raise the construction standards of new homes in the UK.

Neil Weeks, Managing Director, at ARC, said: “At ARC we strive to provide products which solve real world on-site challenges by continually innovating and developing market leading building materials.

“Eaves Insulator offers the perfect solution for hard-to-reach cold spots and we are proud to see it being recognised by a national authority in the industry.”

NHBC Accepts, which is endorsed by the Government’s Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) Champion, Mark Farmer and recognised by Homes England and UK Finance, enables quicker assessment of a home for warranty and reduces the risk to the builder of delays in their project. Any product or system with the NHBC Accepts logo will have been rigorously assessed to ensure it can meet NHBC’s robust standards, giving confidence to developers, investors, lenders and homeowners.

NHBC Senior Technical Services Manager Richard Lankshear said: “We are delighted to welcome ARC Building Solutions to NHBC Accepts.  We know from feedback that once a product or system is given the NHBC Accepts green light that this creates confidence in quality, long-term durability and traceability.

“We actively assess construction quality both on-site and off-site to verify that each product is suitable and acceptable to meet the standards set to obtain our ten-year NHBC Buildmark warranty.

“With the demands on the industry to increase the volume of new homes and the simultaneous challenges around materials and skills, we are at a critical stage in the development of MMC. We are proud to be using our scale, expertise and knowledge of traditional house building to work with manufacturers to provide the confidence that innovative products and systems can meet and sometimes exceed the same high standards of quality and durability as traditionally built homes.”   

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