Pallet Collection Service

ARC Pallet Collection Service

In an effort to reduce waste and save you money on pallet disposal, we are running a complimentary pallet collection service. Simply contact the Customer Support Team and arrange for for your free pallet collection. Please note we require seven days notice, and only pallets supplied by ARC are eligible under the service. Please see our Collection Service T&Cs for a full breakdown.



Preparing for your collection

Ahead of your complimentary pallet collection, please ensure that the below requirements have been met. Failing to do so may cause disruption to the collection, or your pick-up may be refused.

a white square on a red background with lines indicating 1/2m on the top and the right hand side

Pallet Size

All pallets must have a footprint between 1.1m2 & 1.2m2. Pallets smaller or larger than this dimension cannot be accepted.

A single wooden pallet against a white background

Pallet Quality

Check all pallets for signs of damage, ensure all spacers are present, slats are in place and not broken and that the pallet is generally in a good, sturdy condition.

two stacks of 15 pallets against a brick wall. One is neat with good and a tick above it, one is not neat with bad and a cross above it.


Please stack pallets neatly in quantities of fifteen. Please note that only multiples of fifteen will be accepted, 15, 30, 45 etc. Partial stacks will not be accepted.