L4.T3. Third-Party Product Certification

Third-party product certification

ARC recommends seeking out fire stopping products that have been third-party certificated.

Third-party certification involves auditing of the manufacturer’s production process, supply chain, as well as assessment of test data and performance claims. This is carried out by independent UKAS notified bodies which gives reassurance that the product being supplied is fit for purpose and will perform as stated.

Self Declaration

“Tested to” /

“Designed to” /

“Complies with BS467 Part 22”

Was it tested?
Was the test impartial?

No guarantee that products will (or have) reached the correct standards

Uncertain? = RISK
Test Report “My product was tested”

“I have a certificate”

Was the test sample representative of what is actually produced?

What if there are changes to design or changes to materials?

Uncertain? = RISK
3rd Party Certification

Demonstrates product conformity

Audits the company’s production and product

Ensures the product is supplied to the same specification/design as tested = Confidence