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A cross section of the eaves of a red brick house with the retrofit eaves insulator installed. There is a black ridged ventilation tray above a triangle wedge of glass fibre insulation wrapped in green polythene, minimising thermal bridging and promotes ventilation.

Retrofit product

Retrofit Eaves Insulator

The ARC Retrofit Eaves Insulator is a patented product designed to seamlessly fit into the eaves of existing properties & support an improved EPC rating.

Product details
A render of the Eaves Insulator sitting at the eaves junction. It features a black tray with ventilation ridges attached to a green bag of glass fibre insulation. The product is in-situ.

Cold bridging product

Eaves Insulator

The requirement for ARC Eaves Insulator elevated from the problem of heat loss through the roof membrane at the junction between the pitched roof and the top of the cavity wall.

Product details