2022 sees ARC deliver over 1,000 hours of training courses

2022 sees ARC deliver over 1,000 hours of training courses

19th December 2022

Following an array of regulatory changes, demand for training around fire protection solutions has increased. In this article head of sales and specification Aaron Sharp discusses the varied programme we deliver:

“There’s been a great deal of change in our industry in recent years. Vast improvements have been made to regulatory guidelines, ensuring greater standards of competence in the construction of safer buildings are being upheld.

“As with many changes to guidelines and legislation, these revisions have highlighted a real lack of knowledge surrounding fire protection solutions and their installation, creating demand for widespread training and support throughout the industry.

“The revised Building Safety Act puts accountability at the heart of all new building projects, with suppliers and contractors adopting shared liability for the construction standards achieved.  As such, the entire workforce, from specifiers and designers to brick-layers and electricians are now switched onto the fact that they must possess the latest technical knowledge to ensure the appropriate solutions are specified and installed correctly.

“As a manufacturer of cavity fire barriers and cavity closers, we take our responsibility to educating the industry very seriously and as such offer a comprehensive range of training courses to support our customers. This year alone we have delivered over 1,000 hours of customer training so far, providing information on the latest building standards, product specification and installation requirements.

“There are a huge range of fire protection and fire stopping products available on the market, all offering varied results under different conditions and requiring different methods of installation. As such, it’s absolutely vital that those involved in the construction process are well informed, ensuring that the correct products are specified and fitted to achieve modern standards of building.

“Our training activity takes place in a range of different formats, each tailored to the customer’s requirements. An average of two sessions are delivered each week, across the country. From on-site tool box talks for installers and other trades, to more formal technical presentations supporting specifiers, distributors and designers to ensure projects are correctly considered. The feedback we are receiving from customers is excellent with more and more clients requesting training sessions from us all the time.”

For more information or to organise a specialist training session with us contact sales@arcbuildingsolutions.co.uk