Alex Boote: Driving Innovation At ARC

Alex Boote: Driving Innovation At ARC

13th March 2024

Dr Alex Boote ARC's product innovation manager

Bringing manufactured solutions to market, innovation is at the heart of our commitment. Taking research and development to another level, Product & Innovation Manager Alex Boote is leading ARC forward, developing solutions for the future that prioritise building safety and sustainability.

Alex joined ARC in 2021 through a knowledge transfer partnership (KTP) with Leeds Beckett University. Bringing a wealth of technical expertise, Alex was instrumental in implementing systems and procedures to support innovation, promoting new product development for lasting business growth. Now a vital part of the ARC team, Alex has bold ambitions with ARC and has been busy working on a suite of new retrofit and fire inhibiting solutions. Alex tells us more about his journey so far and what he hopes to bring to ARC over the next few years.

From Academia To Fire Safety

“In manufacturing, innovation is crucial and a key driver for long-term growth and success. Working in the construction industry, and more specifically, fire safety and insulation, we are at the forefront of change. At no time has our sector had more of a spotlight. It’s pivotal we stay ahead.

“Coming from an academic background, innovation and research has always been my passion. However, research is only one part of product development. We need to understand the market. The issues facing our customers. And where we fit into that picture. That’s what we aim to deliver; to be a problem-solver and a supplier you can trust to get the job done right. When I joined ARC, that was the brief; put systems and procedures in place to allow us to innovate successfully. It’s taught me a lot. Two years on, we’re in a great position and have a really strong team behind us.

“My driving motivation is improvement. We are a business that doesn’t rest on our laurels. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our products and processes. Making safer, more sustainable buildings and homes is the goal. That means constantly looking forward – driving safety standards across the industry.”

Collaboration Is Key

Alex’s experience with ARC has given him vast knowledge and understanding of our products and processes. He affirms that by working together, anything is possible.

“In an industry like this, teamwork is crucial. Above all else, at ARC, there is a collective ambition. Everyone believes in what we do and works together to make it happen. We all lean on each other for support and are proud to contribute to such important products. As we continue to innovate, move into new markets, and realise our ambitions, this spirit ensures we maintain our exceptionally high standards – delivering life-saving solutions to our customers.”