ARC Receives Independent Certification for Fire-Stopping Products

ARC Receives Independent Certification for Fire-Stopping Products

01st August 2022

ARC Building Solutions has become the only UK manufacturer of low-rise cavity barriers to hold internationally recognised third-party product certification.

The independent, UKAS accredited IFC Certification, means ARC Building Solutions further strengthens its reputation as a manufacturer focused entirely on developing products to make buildings and homes safer and more sustainable.

Talking about the news, Neil Weeks, Managing Director at ARC Building Solutions, said it is an honour that the business has received the certification and demonstrates ARC’s commitment to providing market-leading products which far exceed standards.

He said: “ARC Building Solutions has always been committed to not only meeting mandatory standards but exceeding them. As a leading provider of fire-stopping products, it is important to us that every element of the production process is rigorously tested so that we are confident each product meets the highest possible performance standards.”

As part of the process, each product was meticulously tested to make sure it conformed to BS476 and EN1366 standards in a variety of settings. Manufacturing processes were also inspected, and ARC Building Solutions will continue to be inspected to make sure that they conform to the highest standards.

Neil Weeks said: “IFC Certification offers peace of mind that all our products consistently maintain the high performance, integrity and market-leading solutions you come to expect of ARC Building Solutions.

“As a company we are proud to be at the forefront of driving industry standards by providing products which solve real-world on-site challenges.”

British building regulations require that all fire-stopping products are tested to British or EN standards to demonstrate they are fully compliant. This means that a product undergoes testing to confirm they meet or exceed mandatory standards.

Third-party certification, although not mandatory, takes this a step further and makes sure products not only conform on the day, but are tested in various settings with ongoing manufacturing inspections, to check every process.

Each product must go through a rigorous set of criteria to confirm the features and performance of the product. This is done through testing, factory production control inspection, design appraisal and engineering assessment. The evidence is then evaluated to see how well the product performed before becoming certified. The whole process is then regularly reviewed to verify that it maintains compliance.

The following products have gained IFC certification:

  • Cavity Stop Sock
  • TCB
  • Party Wall DPC
  • Rockfibre Insulated DPC
  • T-Barrier Masonry
  • T-Barrier Timber Frame
  • Eco-Closer
  • Fire Stop Slab
  • Fire Stop Strip

Last month ARC was officially recognised by NHBC Accepts meaning that a product has met rigorous standards set by the National House Building Council which aims to raise the construction standards of new homes in the UK.  In July, the business was shortlisted in the London Construction Awards in the Fire Safety Solution category – reflecting ARC’s commitment to driving higher standards in the industry by showcasing the impact of its own innovation strategy.