TCB Square

The ARC TCB Square
Fire product

ARC TCB Square

  • Up to 60 minutes fire integrity
  • Quickly and easily installed, robust solution
  • Meets cavity barrier requirements of Approved Document B
  • Standard size available suits service penetration sizes up to 150mm diameter
  • Innovative protected design
  • Third-party certificated by IFC


ARC TCB Square is designed to act as a cavity barrier around penetrations through the external wall of low rise houses. Exceeding Part B’s requirement for EI30/15, ARC TCB Square is faster and easier to install, and provides a more robust solution, compared with either boxing in using cut sections of linear cavity barrier, or wrapping linear barriers around the pipe. ARC TCB Square is not a penetration seal or “fire stop” and does not replace the requirement for this where it exists, for example an intumescent pipe wrap. ARC TCB Square is designed to perform the function of a cavity barrier around openings in the wall.

Key stats

Length supplied 350mm or 500mm Square
Insulation Non-combustible Rockfibre Mineral Wool
Thermal conductivity 0.037W/mK
Fire rating Up to 60 minutes
Insulation performance 15 minutes
Test standard EN1366-4
Construction type Timber frame
Third-party certification IFC certificate number: IFCC 1841