And the winner is…

And the winner is…

12th August 2023

We wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came to the first ever ARC awards.

The atmosphere on the night was incredible, and we hope everyone had an amazing time!

A special thank you to Kyran Bracken for hosting the night, the the team at Pryzm, who put a lot of work into making our night extra special for us, and our photographer Wes, who captured some excellent photos of the night.


We’ve counted up all the charity donations from the night and our team, customers and suppliers have really outdone themselves this time!

Together they raised a whopping £629 for CRASH Charity!

ARC are doubling this amount, taking our grand total for the night to an incredible £1,258!



Now down to the bit you all really want to know – our winners!


Approach to Learning Award 2023

And the winner is…

Martin Parsons!

Martin has won this award because of his willingness to get involved in all aspects on the production lines. He shows a great passion for learning and is always willing to share his knowledge. Martin always gives maximum effort even throughout any challenges he might face day-to-day. He is a very valued member of the team.




Consistent Player Award 2023

This one was so closely contested that we have two winners!

And the winners are…

Andrew Harland & Kelly Alexander!

Andrew has won for his consistent approach. No matter what workstation Andrew is assigned to, he always endeavours to keep the line operational and will try get the most efficiency out of the machines. Andrew takes responsibility for learning the fixes to ensure the lines are maintained and in peak condition.

Kelly has won because she always shows an interest in learning about ARC’s products, as well as the quality of what we manufacture.



Supplier Excellence Award 2023

And the winner is…

Future PR!

Emma, Lucy & Ed are a wealth of knowledge and expertise, as well as being great supports. Nothing is ever too much trouble and they have been instrumental in our many award wins and pushing the ARC brand forward.


Managers’ Choice Award – Logistics 2023

And the winner is…

Damian Rozanski!

Damian works across all areas of logistics, receiving consistently good feedback from people who have worked alongside him. He’s always in front on the job at hand and works quickly and safely when loading and unloading deliveries.


Managers’ Choice Award – Shift A 2023

Highly Commended is…

Rob Edeson!
Rob has a fantastic work ethic. The effort that he puts in every shift is excellent, working across multiple stations to ensure targets are achieved, he always goes the extra mile to complete the plan.


And the winner is…

Marcin Glosek!

Marcin always makes himself available for overtime when the business requires. He has excellent attendance; time keeping and works well with the whole team.


Managers’ Choice Award – Shift B 2023

Highly Commended is…

Owen Parsons!
Owen is always reliable and is willing to help out with the audit process on products for fire tests, he is always looking to improve processes and leads change positively. Always seeking to better the workstation in productivity.



Team Player Award 2023

This one was so closely contested that we have two winners!

And the winners are…

Reza Safarian & Violetta Bogdalska!

Reza – Whilst working on any station Reza takes ownership of the group and his work area. He actively looks for a job to fill time gaps. He also volunteered to do other jobs which were not originally assigned to his team. Extremely energetic and motivated a great example to the team.

Violetta is an excellent team player, she’s always happy to work wherever she is placed, has great work ethic, and encourages those around her to be the same.


Best Innovator Award 2023

Highly Commended is…

David Sawle!
David is always keen to help when needed. He has shown this through assisting with fire test installs, and on the shop floor – if you need a hand, you can head straight to him knowing that he will be up for helping.


And the winner is…

Keira Oddy!

Keira’s familiarity with the customer, their commonly encountered challenges and her forthrightness when discussing developing products greatly complements and enhances the product development process.



Customer Engagement Award 2023

Highly Commended are…

Karen Everitt & Bridget Dallison!
Bridget & Karen continually gain excellent feedback from our customers across the board.

And the winner is…

Becky Partridge!

Becky actively promotes ARC, takes the time to speak with customers and understand their requirements and helps them find the correct specification of product that will work best.


Rising Star Award 2023

Highly Commended is…

Becky Partridge!
Becky has quickly grasped the art of fire testing our products and the technical knowledge around this, whilst always keen to learn more and help others around her understand more too.

And the winner is…

Anthony Dyson!

Anthony always remains calm under pressure and has a great knowledge of how our machines work and how to keep them operational. His passion for the quality of the products we produce really shows.


Contractor of the Year 2023

And the winner is…

M&R Electrical!

M&R Electrical have really helped enable our automation and improvement projects allowing us to push forward. They even put up with our constant requests to change the factory layout which is much appreciated.


Extra Mile Award 2023

Highly Commended is…

Clare Matthewman!
Clare has gone above and beyond on our IT systems. She’s done some fantastic software development work on the SQL database integrations, pushing our technology forwards.

And the winners are…

Angela Wilde & Barry Marston!

Angela is always available to help whenever she’s needed. She goes above and beyond with her organisation and attention to detail, particularly when organising events.

Barry endured a lengthy period as the sole maintenance operative managing to keep all the machines working smoothly over this time.


Leadership Award 2023

And the winner is…

Mark Thornton!

Mark always follows the company’s processes and procedures to a very high standard. He will reach out when he needs support, but you can always rely on him to complete a job to a very high standard with all the information that is required.


Everyday Hero Award 2023

The everyday hero award was voted for by everyone across the business, we had lots of nominations!

Highly Commended are…

Anne Byrne & Rob Daily!

Anne is always helpful to other members of the team, being understanding and patient every day.

Rob is a great support to so many of the team both inside and outside of work. He’s keen to share his knowledge and always happy to help fellow teammates. He always goes above and beyond to share his passion and make sure the job is done.

And the winner is…

Paul Hutchinson!

Paul is a great support and listener both inside and outside of his ARC role. He’s helped colleagues through some tough times, helping them with support, integrating into the team, general welfare, and his good sense of humour.


Role Model of the Year Award 2023

The Role Model of the Year award was voted for by everyone across the business, we had lots of nominations!

Highly Commended are…

Aleksandra Porada & Wayne Boel!

Aleksandra is a great support within the team. She takes the time to explain things thoroughly, so everyone understands clearly what is needed and how to do it.

Wayne ensures the whole team sticks to task and follows the rules. He’s great for support and advice, but also has a great approach to work and getting the job done..

And the winner is…

Rob Daily!

Rob received the most votes across all the nominations from our team and it’s clear to see why.
Rob is a great support to his team, always inspiring them to push forward with his great attitude and work ethic. He has time for everyone and is a great mentor to many of the team.


Employee of the Year 2023

Our final award winner was selected from our Employees of the Month throughout the last year.

And the winner is…

Ashley Longthorn!

Ashley has really grown in confidence over the past year, particularly in his passion for all things environmental, even leading a great workshop for the whole team. He’s always diligent and takes pride in everything he produces.

Ashley managed to bag himself a £100 Amazon voucher, kindly sponsored by our friends at Walkers Transport.


…and of course, it wouldn’t be right to do a 15 year celebration without a final thank you and goodbye to our original founders, Andrew and Russell


Huge congratulations to all of our winners!

ARC wouldn’t be ARC without you!