Humans of ARC – Charlie Dewhirst

Humans of ARC – Charlie Dewhirst

10th August 2023

“In the five years I’ve worked at ARC, a lot has changed. Not just personally but across the business. Of course, transitioning to a completely new role has been challenging, but I’m loving it. I have always been a creative person with plenty of drive and ideas. Being able to implement some of those ideas has been really satisfying. My goal is to create a lasting legacy within the business, implementing policies, systems and processes that have a decided impact on its future.”

“More than anything, I am a firm believer in the power of learning. A more skilled workforce is always positive, and learning new skills and testing competencies should always be encouraged. There is never a ceiling to potential, and allowing every single employee to upskill is something we really get behind. Even looking at my story, I first joined ARC from an agency, operating forklifts on the factory floor. Since then, I’ve been given the opportunity to progress my career, first as a logistics coordinator, then as a team leader and now in my new role in learning and development. As much as anything, this is a testament to ARC’s culture. People are at the centre of the business and are always provided opportunities to maximise their potential. ARC truly is a place where you can progress, and your value is recognised beyond your job description. It’s the people that make ARC, and I’ve made lifelong friends here. It’s an amazing place to work.”

“We have never been a business that just sits back and coasts. Every department has a drive and ambition to grow and improve continually. It’s unique and is one of the reasons we are able to keep delivering on our strategy. I’m still only 25 and can see myself here for a long time. It’s a business going places, and I want to be a part of that journey”.

Charles Dewhirst, Learning & Development Coordinator

Having been with ARC for 5 years, Charlie has had quite the career journey. Having worked across a range of production roles, he has recently taken up the new role of Learning & Development Coordinator, dedicating himself to facilitating the growth of the business.