Category: Humans of ARC

Humans of ARC – Neil Weeks

“ARC first came to my attention in 2011. Dedicated to quality and doing the right thing, it was the up-and-coming supplier in the fire barriers market looking to establish itself...

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Dr Alex Boote ARC's product innovation manager
Humans of ARC – Alex Boote

“As a manufacturer, innovation is crucial to what we do. We are always looking for ways to improve and make buildings safer. When I joined ARC, that was the brief....

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keira oddy, the customer support specialist, sat at her desk with blonder hair and a pink blazer on.
Humans of ARC – Keira Oddy

“ARC is a unique place to work for so many reasons. When I started, I had just finished college and was still working out my next steps. It’s always daunting...

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Humans of ARC – Rebecca Partridge

“When I joined ARC, covering a maternity leave in the customer support team, I never imagined nearly six and a half years later, I’d be ARC’s first product analyst. As...

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Graham Burstow, ARC's site service operative in dark clothes and a hat with an orange hi-vis on.
Graham Burstow Humans of ARC

“I’ve worked in the production team at ARC for nearly a decade. In that time, the business has grown massively. We are making more products with more variety and increasingly...

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Humans of ARC – Mark Thornton

“I’ve been with ARC for five years and loved my time here. Working in logistics, it’s crucial to have strong people and excellent teamwork – at ARC, that’s precisely what...

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Humans of ARC – George Danzey-Smith

“I’ve worked for ARC for over 15 years – since the business was founded. When I joined, we were an extremely small team. There were just two of us in...

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Humans of ARC – Tej Gurung

“I have worked at ARC for over 15 years and was part of the first production team the business ever had. I’ve been lucky to work with some fantastic people...

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Humans of ARC – Ashley Longthorn

“When I joined ARC, it was about challenging myself – doing something new and out of my comfort zone. Three years on, ARC is my second home. From day one,...

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Humans of ARC – Paul Hutchinson

“When I joined ARC, we were still a small, family-run business. We had just introduced a night shift, which I supervised. We had 30 permanent operatives and manufactured a quarter...

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Humans of ARC – Clair Richardson

“I joined ARC nearly 14 years ago on a part-time basis doing bookkeeping, coupled with as many admin tasks I could get my hands on. There were only eight people...

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Humans of ARC – Bridget Dallison

“If you’d told me ten years ago, I’d be where I am today; I’m not sure I’d believe you. I never saw myself in construction – nor did I expect...

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