Humans of ARC – Ashley Longthorn

Humans of ARC – Ashley Longthorn

30th November 2023

“When I joined ARC, it was about challenging myself – doing something new and out of my comfort zone. Three years on, ARC is my second home. From day one, I’ve been trusted and respected and allowed to grow and develop here. The culture is unlike anywhere I’ve been before. It is such a welcoming environment. Everyone is so friendly, and you feel encouraged to learn and try new things every single day – it gets the best out of people.

“I started at ARC in production. I’d worked in factory environments before, so naturally, that’s where I applied. However, I was quickly given the opportunity to move into the office, and while it was daunting, I’ve learned so many new skills and grown massively, personally and professionally. I have always loved learning, and I get so much fulfilment from trying new things. In my new role, I’ve particularly enjoyed learning and contributing to ARC’s environmental policy, and I was recently given the chance to lead a workshop on sustainability. Throwing myself into these new experiences has been excellent. I’ve picked up so much, and my confidence has grown massively. I’m incredibly proud of how far I’ve come.

“ARC is also really good at recognising colleague contributions and achievements. We have a diverse team with many different skills, but nevertheless, ARC makes you feel part of one big team. From our ‘employee of the month’ scheme to our first ever ‘ARC Awards’ – there is a huge sense of togetherness. In the future, I want to keep challenging myself. I want to put the things I’m learning into practice and contribute to the business goals. My journey has been complex, but I can learn at my own pace, and I feel like I have the whole ARC team behind me.”


Ashley Longthorn, Administrative Assistant

One of the friendliest faces in the ARC team, Ashley Longthorn brings pride and passion to everything he does and has grown in confidence over the last year. Recognising his hard work and dedication, Ashley was the recipient of the ‘Employee of the Year Award’ at our inaugural ARC Awards in August.