Humans of ARC – Tej Gurung

Humans of ARC – Tej Gurung

12th December 2023

“I have worked at ARC for over 15 years and was part of the first production team the business ever had. I’ve been lucky to work with some fantastic people over the years and have made lifelong friends here. We are a skilled team. Everybody knows their job and are willing to do whatever is required to get the job done. When I started, we were a tiny team. At ARC, I feel at home and am proud to still be here 15 years later. We are doing more each year, and we continue to grow the business. In my time, we’ve moved to new facilities and developed several new products, and the production team has grown massively. We never stand still, and I love the variety it offers. I love being busy and learning new skills, both of which we get in abundance at ARC.

“I am really proud of how far ARC has come and to play my part in that. It is a great place to work, and somewhere you feel truly appreciated. As we look to the future, with new products and other improvements being made across the board, I am excited to see where we can get to.”


Tej Gurung, Production Operative

ARC’s longest-standing team member, Tej Gurung is a huge part of our production team. With a smile on his face every day, Tej is skilled across all elements of production, ensuring products are manufactured to the highest quality and go out on time and in full.