Humans of ARC – Paul Hutchinson

Humans of ARC – Paul Hutchinson

15th November 2023

“When I joined ARC, we were still a small, family-run business. We had just introduced a night shift, which I supervised. We had 30 permanent operatives and manufactured a quarter of the products we do today. Fast forward, we now have two full-time shifts of 40 people. We have a broad, innovative product range and supply some of the largest customers in the sector—much more than that; we continue to improve. In five years, I’ve never once seen ARC stand still.

“What has really stood out to me is the collective passion everyone seems to share. People believe in our products and the quality with which we make them. There is a real buy-in. Everyone knows their role and gets stuck in. It creates a dynamic and fast-paced production environment, which I absolutely love. There is never a dull day in this team, and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

“In terms of what’s next – we just want to keep doing what we’re doing. We’re growing still, and improvements are happening all the time. I’ve seen ARC move facilities, update processes and management systems and invest in new machinery to support new product development. That’s not bad in five years! I’m really proud to have played a small part in our journey and contributed to products that are winning awards and protecting buildings and homes nationwide. We all have a real sense of achievement.”


Paul Hutchinson, Production Team Manager

Ensuring production runs smoothly and efficiently, Production Team Manager Paul Hutchinson has seen ARC grow into the award-winning manufacturer it is today. From managing our first night shift to leading a growing and more robust production operation, Paul’s passion for motivating others is admirable and keeps ARC moving forward every day.