Humans of ARC – Mark Thornton

Humans of ARC – Mark Thornton

19th January 2024

“I’ve been with ARC for five years and loved my time here. Working in logistics, it’s crucial to have strong people and excellent teamwork – at ARC, that’s precisely what we have. Watching the team grow over the years, there’s been a real effort to make everyone welcome, and you truly feel the support of everyone around you. There are never any dramas; everyone pulls their weight, which has kept us all moving in the right direction.

“Above that, ARC values its people. From the moment I walked through the door, there was a path to upskill, to learn and grow my career here, and I’ve been able to pass that on to the guys around me. Looking back on my five years here, we’ve achieved so much, and I’m so proud of the team and how they’ve progressed. Most importantly, we all want to succeed together – there’s so much passion throughout the business, and we all drive each other on.

“We’re growing, but still with a family business mindset, we look out for each other. Even the little things like employee of the month, awards ceremonies and holiday celebrations keep us all tight, and I think that’s what has driven our development over the past few years.”


Mark Thornton, Logistics Manager

Logistics manager Mark Thornton has worked within the logistics team for five years and has been pivotal in developing his team and implementing the systems and procedures that maximise ARC’s operational efficiency.