Graham Burstow Humans of ARC

Graham Burstow Humans of ARC

01st February 2024

Graham Burstow, ARC's site service operative in dark clothes and a hat with an orange hi-vis on.

“I’ve worked in the production team at ARC for nearly a decade. In that time, the business has grown massively. We are making more products with more variety and increasingly utilising automation to streamline what were otherwise quite manual processes. Above all else, though, we work hard. We are a tight team; everyone mucks in and helps each other out. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a new starter or have been here forever; there’s a great work ethic, and we all enjoy what we do.

“ARC is somewhere that looks after its employees. Whether celebrating colleague achievements or participating in charitable initiatives, everyone feels appreciated and part of the wider team. One of my best memories from working at ARC was climbing Snowdon for charity. There were 30 or so of us, and the weather was dreadful – so bad the railway to the summit couldn’t run. Regardless, a few of us stuck it out and got to the top, and we raised over £3000 in the process. I was so proud, and it speaks volumes for the type of organisation ARC is.

“Every day is different here. But the variety keeps us all on our toes. I’m proud to work for ARC, and I’m excited to see us grow even more in the future.”

Graham Burstow, Site Service Operative

Graham has been with ARC for nearly ten years and is one of the most valued members of ARC’s production team. Keeping the wheels moving, Graham is skilled across our entire product range and is happy to turn his hand to most jobs to help where needed.