Humans of ARC – Clair Richardson

Humans of ARC – Clair Richardson

04th November 2023

“I joined ARC nearly 14 years ago on a part-time basis doing bookkeeping, coupled with as many admin tasks I could get my hands on. There were only eight people in the whole business at the time, so seeing how far we’ve come has been amazing. Even in those early days, you could see the potential, and everyone really believed in what we could achieve.

“I owe a lot to ARC, particularly to the support I have been given. From the beginning, management has believed in me and I’ve the freedom to develop my skills with their complete trust. From guiding me through qualifications to pushing me outside of my comfort zone and into the position I’m in today – it has gone a long way and definitely shaped who I am and how I manage people today. Going from admin and finance to operations, I’ve learned a lot, and the exposure to those different environments has definitely helped me in my career. At every opportunity I’ve embraced management and I take great pride in empowering people to do their best work and develop their careers. From picking up odds bits of responsibility here and there to overhauling the management systems that underpin how we operate today, I’m so glad I took the leap and took up this position – every day is different. You never know what’s around the corner, but I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Ultimately, we all believe in what we do, and the importance of that cannot be underestimated. ARC products are fundamental lines of protection in homes and buildings all over the country. Even as the business has grown, we’ve not lost sight of safety and innovation as our primary objective. I love being here and can’t wait to see what the future holds.”


Clair Richardson, Director of Operations & ESG

With ARC for more than 13 years, Clair Richardson is a stalwart of the ARC team, seeing the business develop from a small, family-run company to the thriving organisation it is today. As Director of Operations & ESG, Clair keeps production rolling, and her passion for people and products is there for all to see.