ARC Launch New Video

21st February 2018

ARC has launched a new video to show its unique Fire Stopping System at the Party Wall and Eaves. ARC’s Fire Stopping System, consisting of eight products in masonry construction, restrict the spread of heat and flames and prevent heat loss in this area of a semi-detached or terraced home. The video shows each of these products being fitted correctly and can be viewed below.

ARC Building Solutions has been manufacturing a range of cavity fire barriers and cavity stop socks since January 2008 and has been responding to the needs of the market to innovate these products since then. Working closely with Leeds Beckett University and key stakeholders in the U.K. building industry, ARC further developed their product range in 2017 to provide a complete solution for the party wall and eaves area of a semi-detached and terraced building. This complete solution not only prevents the spread of smoke and flames but also provides an effective edge seal.

ARC continue to innovate their product range but in the production of this video, have also innovated the way in which they are able to demonstrate the correct products for the area of the building and precisely how they should be fitted. This video has been produced to assist with training specifiers, buyers and fitters to improve the quality and consistency of new build properties in the U.K. housing market.