Why Innovation is Essential in Today’s Market

Why Innovation is Essential in Today’s Market

03rd January 2023

As a multi-award winning manufacturer and member of the leading body Association for Specialist Fire Protection, innovation is at the heart of ARC’s success.  Commercial Manager George Danzey-Smith explains why innovation is essential in today’s market:

“For any manufacturer, innovation is crucial. Whether the business is producing food and beverages, white goods or in our case fire protection products, innovation is a key driver behind long-term growth and success. Without it goods would never improve, emerging problems would never be solved and changing requirements remain unaddressed.

“The construction industry has changed rapidly in recent years and nowhere more extensively than in the fire protection arena. As the industry pulls together to ensure that past tragedies such as Grenfell are never repeated, the focus on fire protection solutions and their installation has thankfully never been tighter.

“As a key manufacturer in this sector, we have invested considerable resource into innovation during this time, ensuring that the products we produce solve the very real problems that our customers must address.

“For example, in November 2021, we introduced a new tool designed to support customers facing issues with the correct installation of fire-stopping products – an issue which is central to the Government’s new Building Safety Bill.

“If a fire-stopping solution isn’t installed correctly it can have a detrimental effect on performance – especially in the unfortunate event of a fire but unfortunately, there is often real uncertainty about how they should be fitted given the extensive range of cavity barrier products available, many of which require different installation techniques.

“To solve these concerns, we introduced a pioneering new labelling system, printing QR codes onto products including our Cavity Stop Sock, TCB and OSCB.  These QR codes provide customers with access to easy-to-follow tutorials on the correct handling and installation of the cavity barrier whilst on site, supporting them to achieve precise installation.

“As the first manufacturer in the low-rise cavity barrier market to introduce this system and the first in the hi-rise market to link QR codes directly to our own installation videos, we are proud to have brought this innovation to the market, providing installers with much quicker access to information, helping them to improve accuracy whilst saving time on site.

“Supporting our customers to uphold greater standards of competence in the construction of safer buildings is one of our key strategic objectives and as a business we recognise that we have a real responsibility to ensure our products meet and exceed performance standards and solve any new and emerging opportunities on site. At the end of the day we exist to make homes and other buildings safe, and innovation is undoubtedly central to this objective.”