International Woman’s Day: Being A Woman In Construction

International Woman’s Day: Being A Woman In Construction

08th March 2024

IWD product analyst Rebecca Partridge in a red top with a purple frame on the image.

Today marks International Woman’s Day, where we not only look to celebrate the achievements of women everywhere, but also strive for equality and inspire inclusion.

Rebecca Partridge, ARC’s first product analyst, has spent a number of years successfully carving out a career in the traditionally male dominated construction sector.


As a woman working in a traditionally male dominated environment, do you ever feel like you’re breaking stereotypes a little? 

Of course, I have had my challenges within the construction industry as it is normally a male dominated environment. I think that my sales experience, communication skills and confidence helps me show that I can do my job and that I am the go to person for Technical Information at ARC.


Have you ever come up against any obstacles?

Yes, I have had a few instances where I have answered the phone and people are taken aback when they ask to speak to someone in Technical and then I go on to ask how I can help. I even had one person asking to speak with my manager as they didn’t believe that I would be able to help them!

However, after a couple of moments of talking technical with them, they soon realise that I am more than capable of helping them with their enquiry.


What is it about your job that gets you out of bed in the morning?

I love being able to help architects, house builders and end users make sure that they have the right product for the job and that they are installing it correctly. Knowing that I am spreading awareness of how important passive fire protection, especially cavity barriers, are in saving people’s lives keeps me coming back to work every day.

I came into this industry quite late in my career but I don’t believe that or being a woman has been any detriment to how I have progressed at ARC.


Do you have any tips for a woman looking to start out their career in the construction sector?

If it interests you, then go for it. Don’t take no for an answer. Find a company that sees people for what they can do or have the potential to do rather than their gender.

Don’t be intimidated, there is a growing number of women in construction, I am sure one day with all the exposure the sector is having, it will certainly start to level out.