Introducing Chris Sexton: ARC’s New National Sales Manager

Introducing Chris Sexton: ARC’s New National Sales Manager

20th June 2024

introducing Chris Sexton: ARC's new national sales manager

Chris has spent the last 18 years working with insulation and fire-related products. He is an industry expert and knows the sector like the back of his hand. His broad spectrum of experience means he has seen every touchpoint in the fire protection industry, gaining valuable insight from all aspects of project success. As National Sales Manager, Chris is responsible for driving growth within the merchant and distribution sector, as well as supporting ARC technical sales teams across the country. Here, he discusses the changing industry landscape and what it means for ARC:

“The industry today demands different things of manufacturers and it’s our job to make sure we keep up. Understanding the complexities and challenges customers face every day is vital and is something that informs our sales processes. Safer homes and buildings – that’s the goal. That means innovation, but also engagement with stakeholders. Collaboration is crucial to getting specification right and only if we work together can we achieve the ultimate aim of a safer, more sustainable built environment.”

Taking a hands-on approach to sales, Chris is excited to be back working in manufacturing

In a career spanning a broad spectrum of roles in the fire protection sector, Chris is glad to be back in manufacturing, where he finds his true passion. He explains:

“When it comes to fire protection nothing beats getting hands-on with product, hitting the road and getting in front of customers. Today, this is about more than hard-nosed sales – it’s about robust product training, challenging technical specifications and delivering value.

“The ARC mindset is family. We’re all in it together and the customer feels that too. Challenge on-site? We’ll solve it. No solution available? We’ll design one. That’s the attitude across the whole business. We’re ambitious, we make no secret of that, but it’s our engagement with customers that sets us apart. At the end of the day, we all want the same thing – safer homes and buildings and getting that message across to customers and partners is down to us.”