Fire Stop Slab

Fire product

ARC Fire Stop Slab

  • Up to two hours fire integrity
  • Foil faced to provide a smoke barrier
  • Suitable for horizontal or vertical applications
  • Cut to size on site or factory finished
  • Available to suit cavity widths up to 300mm


ARC Fire Stop Slab provides up to two hours fire integrity horizontally or vertically within external masonry walls, ideal for use at separating floor levels. Manufactured from rockfibre mineral wool insulation with a class ‘O’ reinforced aluminium foil facing to both sides offering excellent resistance to smoke.

Key stats

Length supplied 1.2m
Third-party certification Certifire CF5402
Insulation Non-combustible rockfibre mineral wool
Thermal conductivity 0.035W/mK
Fire rating Up to two hours
Test standard BS476 Pt 20 1987, BS EN 1366-4 2006
Construction type Masonry
Orientation Horizontal or vertical

Frequently asked questions about this product

What should I use to fix the brackets to the substrate?

The fixing brackets should be mechanically fixed in to the edge of the concrete floor slab or in to blockwork. A minimum 50mm masonry screw should be used.

Does ARC Fire Stop Slab need a compression fit?

No, ARC Fire Stop Slab only requires a friction fit. It is important to make sure there are no gaps, and therefore factory cut sizes are supplied 5mm over-size.

Industry awards and accreditations for this product

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