Meet Lindsey Booth

Lindsey Booth

Director of Finance & Systems

Lindsey joined ARC Building Solutions in July 2020 and since joining just three years ago, she has transformed the financial systems that underpin the success of the business.  Joining the senior leadership team, Lindsey’s skills and experience will steer the business towards much greater financial automation.  Here, Lindsey explains more about her career to date and the opportunity at ARC Building Solutions.

“My career began in an entirely different direction as a dental nurse and it was when I became a mum that I had a real epiphany and decided a career in finance was really where I wanted to be.  Over the next few years, I really accelerated my learning through hands-on experience and formally recognising my skills by achieving my professional qualifications of AAT before going down the CIMA route.  The opportunity to join ARC was perfectly timed and I knew that there would be a tremendous opportunity to really develop the finance function and contribute to the wider strategic direction of the business.”

In less than three years Lindsey has implemented significant changes to the finance function and as a result is now expanding the team to deliver even greater financial insights that will help shape ARC’s strategic direction, she continues: “As with any growing business the role of finance is also expanding and over the last three years’ we have streamlined a number of processes that bring an immediate benefit to the wider team.  One of the biggest changes we’ve made is digitally storing all documents and creating a robust digital trail for every single transaction – this alone enables us to extract much more meaningful customer data, which of course enables the commercial team to better meet customers’ needs.”

At the core of ARC values is a simple notion of ‘doing the right thing’, for Lindsey this resonates strongly with her ambition for the finance team at ARC, as she shares: “Doing the right thing should be at the heart of every business, but at ARC it drives every decision we make.  From a finance perspective we not only have a regulatory responsibility to our stakeholders and investors to report accurate information, I’m also driven by a strong desire to ensure that the information we share internally brings value to our decision making.  We are well on that journey and will continue to bring real financial advantages to the wider team.”